Monday, October 24, 2016

Manic Pixie Nightmare Girl

This week's edition of "Beauty vs Beast" is taking us over the fjords and through the woods to the icy suburbs of Sweden, where the odd-ball pals of Let the Right One In are busying themselves with Rubik's Cubes and carotid arteries, perhaps not in that order -- click on over to The Film Experience to make your voice heard! 


Jonathan said...

What are your thoughts on the upcoming Let The Right One In series by Jeff Davis? If Teen Wolf is any indication it's gonna be pretty bad.

Bill Carter said...

LTROI is my favourite film of the 21st century. That swimming pool scene!

JA said...

Jonathan -- I don't remember even hearing about that happening! Hrmm. I don't know. Each successive version gets more and more watered down from the book, which had some really really fucked up stuff going on -- I have a feeling a series from the Teen Wolf dude will go even further from where it began. Not that fealty to source material is the be-all-end-all - Alfredson's movie changes a lot and some of it even for the better. It's just the stuff that makes LTROI interesting is the stuff I could see a show skipping out on and this will just end up being a series about a bullied kid finding power through the dark side and that could end up really boring.