Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Good Morning, Buster

The silent sex-bomb that was Buster Keaton was born 121 years ago today, and so here are a few pictures of him making the old-timey one-piece men's swimsuit about as sexy as the old-timey one-piece men's swimsuit could look in the 1921 short called Hard Luck.

(So many hard puns at my disposal, 
so very many hard puns!!!) 
You can watch the short online... right here, in fact!

The diving scene comes towards the very end of it. Anyway TCM is showing several of Buster movies today so I hope you guys set your DVRs - some of them seem a little obscure, too. Here's the schedule.

In unrelated-to-Buster news it is October and so TCM has announced all the great horror movies they'll be showing this month -- this site right here did a good job of sorting out the films into categories and dates. I spent half an hour yesterday fixing up my DVR for the next couple weeks. On that note, take it away Buster...

Look at that lady checking out his butt!
Go on with your horny self, old-timey lady.

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Pierce said...

One of the true geniuses of cinema!