Friday, October 07, 2016

Eyes, Ears, Everything Wide Shut

It's a little hard to write a movie-blog when you're as movie'd out as I currently am, so there's a good chance I might not watch a single movie this weekend, which I have totally free of any screenings. So my apologies to The Girl on the Train (and all the good looking guys in it -- Edgar Ramirez, Luke Evans, and Justin Theroux specifically) but your reviews are both too trashy to care and not too too trashy to really care, if you know what I mean. So I am probably just going to go home now and close my eyes until Monday. Bye!

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Tom M said...

If you're truly movied out, perhaps you need a play? How about a play that starts with two minutes of Corey Stoll's naked ass just lying there on the floor in the center of the stage? Plenty at the Public starring Rachel Weisz. Saw it in early previews so lots of kinks to still work out (not sure if it will come together or not) but Weisz is volatile and Corey is great...and did I mention he's lying bum out at the front of the stage for the first scene?