Thursday, October 13, 2016

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

you can learn from:

Magnolia (1999)

Rose: Say it, Jimmy. 
Jimmy: I think she thinks... that I may have... molested her. 
She thinks terrible things that somehow got into her head...
that I may have done. She said that to me last time, 
when it was... ten years ago, she walked out the door.
"You touched me wrong. I know that." 
Some crazy thought in her head. 
Rose: Did you ever touch her? 
Jimmy: I don't know. 
Rose: ... Jimmy!... 
Jimmy: I don't know. I really don't. 
Rose: But you can't say! 
Jimmy: I don't know what I've done. 
Rose: Yes, you do. You do! But you won't say! 
Jimmy: I don't know. What? Please? Please. 
Rose: You deserve to die alone for what you've done! 
Jimmy: I don't know what I've done! 
Rose: Yes, you do! 
Jimmy: Rose, if I said that I knew, would you stay? 
Rose: No! 
Jimmy: But I don't know what I've done. 
Rose: You should know better! 

God this scene is devastating. It's really a shame that three-quarters of the cast of Magnolia didn't get Oscar nominated but Melinda Dillon and Phillip Baker Hall maybe most of all. And of course Melinda, being an older woman not named Meryl Streep, has only worked sporadically since the film (she hasn't worked since 2007!) -- what a shame. The movie-makers should know better! Well today's her birthday so we wanna say We Love You, Melinda Dillon. 

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brotherfrancis said...

I was thinking today about her devastating performance in Absence of Malice from 1981. She's always been the performer who emotionally anchors a film. Even A Christmas Story needed her to ground the story in something resembling real life. It's a shame she has always been overlooked.