Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Armie Hammer is Making Me Thirsty

Apparently Armie Hammer's Army thriller Mine, which we told you about previously, is out this weekend in Italy for some reason? Oh wait, nevermind, I found the reason - both writer-directors of the film are Italian. So I guess it's theirs to release where-ever they want to, even though the actors are all American or English from what I can tell. I only complain because I want to be stuck with Armie Hammer in fatigues in the desert myself, dammit, and they're making me wait. 

No word on a US release date yet. Anyway I found this out because the Italian site for the film just unloaded a whole bunch of pictures of just that - i.e. Armie Hammer in fatigues in the desert, and if you hit the jump I will share them. Unlike the 90-98% they'd drop off my hotness scale the severely chapped lips only make Armie maybe 20-30% less sexy, if you ask me. That's star-power, baby.


par3182 said...

a buzz cut always makes a handsome man sexier. guaranteed

Anonymous said...

Have you seen this:
Armie and Timothee hanging out in real life makes my heart happy.