Friday, September 23, 2016

We're All Coming For Coop

Looking at that picture of Clara Bow looking at Gary Cooper in the 1927 film Children of Divorce you can see Clara's famous quote about Cooper - that he's "hung like a horse and can go all night" - written onto every quivering fold of her person. And can you blame her? My god, people. My god look at him.

And don't feel self-conscious about looking - everybody else was! With that distant far-off gaze of the goodly fucked. Goddamn it's getting hot in here. Somebody open a window! Gary Cooper's killing me! Killing me!!!

Anyway I actually do have a point for this messianic cock screeching - this movie, which has never been released on home-video of any sort, has been given the deluxe 4K treatment and is being released onto blu-ray on December 13th! What a chance! What a lark! WHAT A MAN.

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