Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Mark Ruffalo's Dick Will Save The Day

This video is too important for me to just share on my Facebook timeline where I've long ago driven everybody away that disagrees with me politically -- I must share it here and alienate those who are left! But seriously, Joss Whedon wrote and directed this get-out-the-vote video and it's very funny and full of famous people and I hate to murder the big joke but it involves Mark Ruffalo's dick, so watch it. Dick, people. Dick. Right of the aisle, left of the aisle - we can all agree on dick.
ETA And here's a behind-the-scenes picture of Joss & Mark shooting their bit of the video which I am including just because it feels good to be back on Team Ruffalo (he's proven himself one of the sane Bernie bros, thankfully) and he's looking great all salt-n-peppered out. This is via Buzzfeed where they also chatted with Joss about the project, so check out the interview too.


Ryan T. said...

Get naked, Ruffalo. Do it for your country!

Peggy Sue said...

I would rather see Tucci's

shaun said...

I keep coming back to that gif of the Ruffalo -- to say he is aging well does not even come close -- damn!