Friday, September 23, 2016

Jake Gyllenhaal's Wild Wildlife

The rest of the pictures from Jake's latest photo-shoot for GQ, shot by his Nocturnal Animals director Tom Ford, have found their way online thanks to IHJM, and here I shall share them. (You can see the previously posted shots right here.) But wait! There's even more! Jake's signed on for a new movie! Exclamation Point Number Four!

Him and the also-delightful Carey Mulligan have signed on for Paul Dano's directorial debut -- it's called Wildlife and Dano also wrote the script, based on a book by Richard Ford, which is about "a boy who witnesses his parents’ marriage falling apart after his mom finds another man."

Is Jake playing the husband or the other man? I am just guessing that he's not the little boy here but who knows, what with technology these days. Dano and Gyllenhaal just worked together on Bong Joon-ho's upcoming Okja (which I went and visited the set of and saw Dano on, if you recall, although I missed Jake and Tilda Swinton being bonkers sadly) so I guess they took to each other. Okay, that's that, hit the jump for the rest of the pics...


Anonymous said...

read this!

Anonymous said...

1) "Okja" is their second project together. The first one was "Prisoners", how could you forget? I mean, this scene... Jake befriended both Paul and Zoe Kazan, who is co-writing "Wildlife".
Carey and Jake met on the set of "Brothers", where they became friends. She also made a movie with Jake's brother-in-law. There's your kick-ass 1 degree of separation.

2) Jake will definitely play the husband and boy's father, "a professional golfer, a natural athlete with delicate hands and a short fluid swing" :D, who loses his job and joins the team of firefighters-fighting-the-wild-forest-fire.
The wife's lover, seen through the boy's eyes, is rich, old, ugly, limpy and a bigot. With some aging make-up, Paul Dano himself can play him.

JA said...

I meant to google about Dano & Jake and make sure of what I was saying - I always forget facts, blasted facts! Excellent sleuthing, Anon :)

Anonymous said...

Yup, horse-face Jake is set to gallop into our screen once again.