Thursday, September 01, 2016

Isabelle's Basic Instinct

A new trailer for Paul Verhoeven's rape-comedy Elle has been released and while I suggest you watch no trailers for the movie and just go in as fresh-brained as a daisy (because daisies are innocent and virginal and have brains, is apparently what I am saying there) I am still posting it because I have seen the movie myself - here's my rave review! - and I loved it so and it gives me the chance to make a gif of Isabelle Huppert handling a fucking axe, that's why. 

But if you're questioning your will to watch what I keep describing as a "rape comedy" this trailer is a good place to start - it does a surprisingly good job at establishing the tricky tone (understatement of the century) that Verhoeven pulls off like child's play. People toss the word "Master" on anybody that makes self-serious nonsense but Verhoven makes them look like the bunk they are. He is The Movies.

The movie opens on the coasts on November 11th and I can't really shout its praises from my mountaintop loud enough. I adore Elle with every fiber of my fibrous being. See this shit. See it twice, then two more times for indecency's sake. You'll be a better, wittier, more damaged person on the other side of it -- I promise!

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This looks amazing!