Tuesday, September 13, 2016

I Feel Like Making You Stare At Piper Laurie

I was trying to think of an image to leave you all with for a few days (I'm heading off-blog until next week to visit family slash friends) - perhaps some hot hunka love or something something that'd keep y'all coming back for more? But I've been re-watching Twin Peaks this week (hence the banner) and I'm feeling mighty piperlaurieish down in my personal parts because of it (it burns) so I had to go with Vintage Her. She'll keep you feeling veddy vivacious until I get back. Bye!


FoxVerde said...

her look says: piper laurie isn't taking any of your SHIT today!

Ross said...

I'm so excited -- she's going to be at the Carrie screening in L.A. next month!