Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Good Morning, World

While I'd like to pretend that my brain's comparing the show Mr. Robot with the show The Night Of because both have had prison story-lines this year (and I watched them both over the long weekend) it's probably more likely (and sadly, irritatingly so)  that it's the fact that both shows are led by bug-eyed brownish-skinned men that is doing it. Is it racist if there just aren't a lot of pickings when it comes to shows led by bug-eyed brownish-skinned men to choose from? (Yes, it's probably still racist.)

Anyway I have had my problems about Mr. Robot since Day 1 and the second season didn't do much to shake them; what surprised me this weekend as I plowed through all of The Night Of was that I also have my doubts about that show too. Now when I say I have my "doubts" about these shows do know I lean towards the positive overall -- they're watchable and I will continue to watch them and they both have things I like very much. Their leads, the bug-eyed brownish-skinned men of whom I just spoke, for example - both great!

But they both have their problems too, and I hope that these shows can face as a critical rethink. Even though I'm posting pictures of Rami Malek here I'd rather speak about what ailed The Night Of, which was everyone's behavior in the prison story -- perhaps it was the point but Riz Ahmed's character fell far too easily into one horrible judgement after another and it didn't feel earned; it felt left-field. By the time his lawyer... well, you know if you've seen the show... well if the point was that the prison system poisons good people I agree, but we needed more breathing room to see that happening. 

Alright it's too early for all of this rambling, let's get to what we're here for, which is to share some gifs from Rami Malek's surprise nudity on this week's Mr. Robot. Remind me when the computer geek got his muscles so in order? Hit the jump for the rest...

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