Monday, September 12, 2016

Good Morning, World

Every so often the clicks of my past will come back to haunt me - this morning as I checked to see whose birthday it is today on IMDb I noticed an unfamiliar name highlighted, meaning I had once upon a recent time, since my last cookie-cleaning at least, clicked upon it. Who is this Sverrir Gudnason fellow who's turning 38 today, I asked myself? Well it turns out I had checked him out because he's the dude who's playing Bjorn Borg opposite Shia LaBeouf as John McEnroe in the upcoming tennis bio-pic Borg vs McEnroe, that's who. I'd posted about this back in May

And can I just say that now that I've actually seen Andrea Arnold's American Honey (and no I haven't reviewed it yet, I am waiting until closer to its release, but know it did not disappoint) that I'm even more excited for this tennis movie because Shia has become a really terrific actor, you guys. I know. I know. But he has. Them's the facts. Anyway a happy birthday and a good luck to Mr. Gudnason on having to deal with Shia on a set. That should be a treat. (I said he's a good actor, not necessarily a good human being.)


Ryan T. said...

Wow for a second there I thought it was Matt Bomer. Other photos of him online show NO resemblance to Bomer and yet this one... they could be twins.

Anonymous said...

Schoenaerts would have been a great choice for Borg. That's a real missed opportunity. He hasn't been having much luck with his projects lately. Kursk is delayed and he doesn't seem to be getting any other buzzworthy films or roles.