Thursday, September 29, 2016

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

... you can learn from:

Roberto Sarno: True beauty is the highest currency we have. 
Without it, she would be nothing. 
Dean: I think you're wrong. 
Roberto Sarno: Excuse me? 
Dean: I said, I think you're wrong. 
 Roberto Sarno: So are you gonna tell me that 
it's what's inside that counts?
Dean: Yeah, that's exactly what I think. 
Roberto Sarno: Well I think, that if she wasn't beautiful... 
you wouldn't have even stopped to look.
Did I tell you guys that Alessandro Nivola liked one of my tweets the other day? Be still my heart, and other organs, he did. This one:

I tweeted that after the terrible news about Liev Schreiber & Naomi Watts splitting up - we've lost too much this year; I can't take any more grieving. Anyway I think we can take his "like" as confirmation directly from the source that they're doing fine; phew.

I hope you have all seen The Neon Demon by now, which really might've become, with immediate success, my favorite Refn movie of all. And this scene's a stand-out -- even though his part's pretty small (too small if you ask me) my love for the movie's partially owed to Nivola's perfectly smug performance as the fashion designer in love with beauty.

Oh and a happy 46 to Mr. Refn today!

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[ joe ] said...

It has become my favorite NWR film as well, followed by Bronson and Only God forgives tied for second. I love the poetry in your review for this one, I guess it's the right style of review for the right movie. Good job!

[ j ]