Friday, September 23, 2016

Book 'Em, Dommo

First things first look at that picture of Dominic Cooper sitting in front of shelves and piles of books! Swoon amirite? Somebody's sending a message directly to me through the Evening Standard (it's like the gay stalker version of Desperately Seeking Susan... if Desperately Seeking Susan wasn't already the gay version of Desperately Seeking Susan, that is).

Second things second, Dom's got a new gig! He's re-teaming with the actress Gemma Aterton (they previously co-starred in the film Tamara Drewe back in 2010 and they seem to be very friendly judging by the many times they've been seen hanging out since) for a film called The Escape, which is about "the largely undiscussed phenomenon of women forced to leave their children and families." And that's a hard topic for me to say anything further of the sex sort so I'll just leave it at that!

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