Monday, August 22, 2016

Who Wore It Best?

I kind of feel as if they need to stop making Tom Hiddleston over like he is playing Tommy Wiseau (or maybe even James Franco as Tommy Wiseau) - it's not the best coloring for him, maybe? Anyway that's Hiddles & ol' Thunder Thighs himself on the set of the new Thor movie, spoiling away stuff that was inevitably gonna be spoiled anyway since they are shooting in public. But Loki's black suit is giving me a bit of a flashback to another set Tom was spotted on a couple of years back...


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das buut said...

Angus Scrimm wore it better. RIP, Tall Man.

Tom looks terrible with long hair. His Thor hair at its longest was the most he should ever have and that's only because it was straightened, the opposite of his natural hair...just like his relationship with Tay-tay.