Thursday, August 04, 2016

Which Is Hotter?

Pictures from the London premiere of Suicide Squad 
yesterday -- there are more over here. (thanks Mac)


Anonymous said...

any thoughts on Tyler Hoechlin's super butt?

Jason Adams said...

Good catch, homodrome -- I thought I'd posted about them here on the blog but because of when they dropped (over the weekend) I only posted them on the Tumblr -- anyway I think that costume is pretty padded, but I don't mind, it's great to look at :)

Travis said...

Why do I have to choose?! Whyyyyy! Both sooooo hot.

nickelodeon said...

That might be the hardest decision I've ever made.

Forever1267 said...

I agree. The "Sophie's Choice" of hot men almost doing it! And where's the 3rd choice: Henry and Jai?