Thursday, August 25, 2016

Riz Ahmed Four Times


Anybody been watching The Night Of?
Should I watch it?
I do love me some Riz...


Lucksaw said...

You should totally watch it!
Besides the fact that Riz is delectable in some scenes and shows some light skin - no nudity though, but some skin is more than no skin - the story of the miniseries is truly engaging. Give it a try with the first part and then see if you like it.

Mick said...

"The Night Of" is awesome. You would love it. He looks great in the show. Sunday is the finale, so you def should start at the beginning. It's a wonderful story.

Anonymous said...

Yes you should absolutely watch it. It's a gothic slow burner with quality acting and excellent production design. Start from the first episode and make your way through.