Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Quote of the Day

"I refused to play Dawn again when Todd brought her back in 2004’s Palindromes [Solondz resurrects Dawn again in Weiner Dog, played by Greta Gerwig]. I was 18, and I was trying to get away from that kind of “quirky” role. I had internalized Dawn quite a bit. Interviewers would say, “How does it feel to play such an ugly girl?” What I would hear was: “How does it feel to be so ugly?” Also Todd wanted the grownup Dawn to be a domestic terrorist who blows herself up in front of a Banana Republic. I didn’t want that to be her legacy. We’re both very passionate about Dawn, but I didn’t refuse his offer with the love and grace I could have. We didn’t speak again until recently. I found out about Wiener-Dog on Twitter." 

 -- The Guardian, bless their British souls, went and chatted with both Todd Solondz and Heather Matarazzo about the making of the classic killer comedy Welcome to the Dollhouse, and that's Heather laying out the everything you need to know about why she didn't want to revisit the role of Dawn Weiner when Todd came a'callin' with Palindromes. I did not know the bit about the domestic terrorism thing! (Which kind of fits in with an idea he ended up using, hilariously so, in Weiner-dog.) 

Anyway now I have something concrete to point at whenever I get asked about why Heather isn't in Weiner-dog (I get asked every time it comes up) so thanks for providing me with that, Guardian & Heather! Oh and seriously go read the whole piece if you worship this movie even 1/10th of how much I worship this movie (since 1/10th of how much i worship this movie is still enough to burst the normal person's heart open) - s'good, s'very good.

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