Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Henry Cavill Makes Us Happy

I assume you all saw the pictures of Henry Cavill at the beach yesterday - if you missed them, click here. After they appeared I was perfectly happy for a few minutes (which if you know me might be a record) but then it struck me...
...and I wasn't so happy anymore. Unhappy! But I guess Henry and/or Henry's people felt that quake in the force and today...

I am happy again!
Viva happiness!
(via, thx Mac)

ETA oh wait there are even more!
Hit the jump for even more!

This second (or rather third) batch is via here
thanks for the heads-up Henry!


Wayne B said...

Henry Cavill makes me such a thirsty fanboy. Greedy too, found myself thinking "he couldn't have worn a Speedo?".

Anonymous said...

Try again. See how far you can get them to go.

Anonymous said...

"Greedy too, found myself thinking "he couldn't have worn a Speedo?"."

At least he didn't wear long board shorts.

krypto said...

What an amazing dad body. Henry strikes me as the kind of guy who SHOULD be married to a woman he's been with since high school and who's been married for over 10 years and have two kids but instead he's this 33 year old perpetually single weirdo who goes to beaches alone, gets photographed eating lunch alone (blue tanktop), stages sham relationships with manly female MMA fighters and that annoying blonde woman from Big Bang Theory to promote the release of his latest stinker.

What's going on Henry, you're to hot and uncharismatic to be a weirdo with a hidden twisted personal life no one knows about and no one would suspect.

Forever1267 said...

Well, I thanked you, and Tom and Lorenzo, for this batch of photos before. And I'm gonna do it again! Thank you! So. damn. hot!!!