Monday, August 01, 2016

Good Morning, World

Bring It On flashback! Only better because Jesse Bradford took his top off this time. Now if only he would take to Instagram to reenact the toothbrush scene, only in just tighty-whities, and with me playing the Kirsten Dunst part. 

Okay so he posted this video a full four weeks back and I'm only now just seeing it somehow; not sure how that happened - have I actually been in a full-on coma for four weeks and none of you wanted me to know? That's sweet and everything but if I missed things like this then you gotta let me know. After the jump more of this plus a couple other Shirtless Jesse pics from recent days...


Dre Brown said...

Eww..Does he have a kid?

Dan said...

He is ageing very nicely. I always loved him in the underrated HEIGHTS.