Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Good Morning, Bubba & The Gute

It is Steve "The Gute" Guttenberg's 58th birthday today so let's all pretend we are the rapey shadow looming over him in bed this morning, okay? Okay! 

Get ready for your birthday spanking, Stevie! In all seriousness though, this scene - like so much of the entire strange Police Academy series of movies - is so thick with homoeroticism one can barely breathe from the stench of lube and regret. There's also a weird race thing going on, which is also  a deeply prevalent theme in these films...

... for it is none other than the NFL's own strapping 6-foot 7-inches of beef called Bubba Smith hovering over the Gute's prostrate bedded and vulnerable form. He is too much man for you, Gute!

It's actually all a sweet little solicitation from Bubba though - he's never learned how to drive and he is asking for a lesson. And the Gute, ever pliable, is willing.

Of course they have to end the scene with 
a rather, let's call it "loaded," visual...

I thought about putting some of this post after the jump since it goes on and on a bit but I really wanted everybody to see these last couple of notes that the film strikes in this scene. It is of course a recurring joke over the entire series how much the "White Man Stroking His Gun" named Tackleberry (I mean, these names) loves his guns. But it is still clearly a beat that feeds into both Gay Panic and a sort of Race Panic as well.

And then there is the car...

... that Bubba & The Gute (I so would've watched a TV series called Bubba & The Gute) which... well it has a Confederate Flag license plate. They stole this car from one of the other cadets that is villainous, so it's a bad guy's car, at least? Anyway the joke of this scene is it becomes a car-chase with a great big black guy chased by cops while driving a car plastered with the symbol of his oppression, so laugh it up!

 That'll show them racists!
It should be noted here that these two blunderers are the same two who earlier got "tricked" into going to a gay bar and at least half of them (the more explicitly racist half) liked it...

There have been papers written on these movies, right? 
Do me right, Film Studies students.!

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Pierce said...

Never seen a Police Academy movie and probably never will. I saw him on Broadway in Relatively Speaking, a dreadful trio of one acts about people yelling at one another. The best of the three, though, was written by Elaine May and featured Marlo Thomas. Steve Guttenberg was in the Woody Allen piece, along with Julie Kavner and Mark Linn Baker. I could have seen Follies for a third time and will always kick myself over this!

I do like Can't Stop the Music, though. Such a fun movie!