Monday, August 08, 2016

Another Stranger by the Lake

Francois Ozon has a new movie coming out called Frantz, which will play Venice and Toronto this fall, and The Playlist was kind enough to share the first trailer and pictures from the film, and...

... hi there, Pierre Niney! I have to admit I thought 
I was staring at Louis Garrel as first, though. I mean...

... a quick glance over that 'stache and I'm not crazy, right? Anyway I guess Niney starred in the other Saint Laurent movie? So there is a weird connection between him and Garrel besides just, you know, their faces. As for Frantz it tells the story of a girl whose fiance dies in WWI, and when she's visiting his grave a strange young man, presumably named Frantz and played by Niney, comes and lays flowers on her fiance's grave, and yadda yadda they don't give it away but of course this is gay stuff, it's an Ozon movie. Watch!
The movie opens in France in September; we'll probably see it 
at some point next year is my guess. And here's the poster:


tanpoffel said...

Dying to see this -- it looks so gorgeous and Ozon has been on a roll lately.

Pierce said...

The plot for this sounds like a reverse version of Somewhere in Time.