Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Underoos For Everybody

This rumor's less substantive than Hugh Jackman's heterosexuality but I'm gonna go ahead and share it because hey, I get to post pictures of two of my favorite fellas - some random Twitter user somewhere has told the world that Colin Farrell & Michiel Huisman are joining the cast of the Justice League movie in roles unknown. Mkay! I am sure that tons will come of this. If it was to happen, though... well, I'm torn. I always want to see these two. But Colin's been in enough bad movies for one career while Michiel's just getting going in the US, and I have very very little faith that Zack Snyder can help them out after his last two films. Basically... they should make out, and then I'll decide. Decide what? Whatever! Just make out!

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