Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Today's Fanboy Delusion

Today I'd rather be...

... walking through fire for Rick Yune. 

I hate using TMZ as a source for anything (and sure enough their sharing of this video involves a bunch of rambling about genital stereotypes) but ya gotta go where the news is and Rick Yune supposedly flashing Yune Jr. (emphasis on supposedly, but more on that in a second) on the second season of the Netflix show Marco Polo is news to us. Very good news. Here's the censored clip that TMZ shared last week right before the show premiered:
TMZ also had this to say about the shooting of the scene:

"Rick never flinched at doing the scene. Sources on set tell us the Korean-American actor actually couldn't wait to shoot episode 5, and you'll see why in this video. We're told there were NO prosthetics on set, and no special effects applied in editing."

Good for Rick! And once I saw that the series had dropped on Netflix already I figured I'd go find myself a copy of the actual episode off Netflix and cap that uncensored business for you guys, but...

... the episode on Netflix doesn't actually have the shot! It's been edited out - the shot above is in place of it! And as you can plainly see there's no Yune Jr. to be seen. We've been had! Duped! Dick-swindled! Somebody get Rick Yune on the phone, stat. He must answer for this egregious penile plunder.


A said...

Justice for Yune Jr.

Dan Avery said...

is it me or does this whole scene look like CGI animation?

Anonymous said...

I have seen several pictures of Rick Yune's thighs and these are not his thighs. I believe he used a body double.

Anonymous said...

No that's not a body double that's has to be him. I'm a huge Rick Yune fan I believe it is him. I have seen pictures to of him you can't know it his thigh of your not up close and personal with him. Lol trust me I would love to be up close and personal with his sexy ass.