Thursday, July 28, 2016

Stick It Right In, Michael Fassbender

Anybody have any idea why Michael Fassbender & Alicia Vikander were doing all the press for The Light Between Oceans this past week when the movie isn't out until September? I know the two of them are in demand and everything so they've probably got tight (wait for it) schedules, but it seems a bit odd to me to do press for a film so small a month and a half early. Anyway I haven't watched the clip of Michael on Fallon doing all the latent-homosexual things that Jimmy makes all his sexy male guests do because I think if I actually watched Michael Fassbender do the things I know he does in this video I would have to leave work immediately. But here it is for you!



Unknown said...

Alicia has to finish filming Submergence in the Faroe Islands. She may still have international Bourne press as well.

Also, the two weeks of the Olympics in August sucks up a lot of airtime. I'm not even sure NBC late night shows are even running. And the the last two weeks of August are usually deadzones when a lot of other talk shows take their hiatuses.

JA said...

Ask and ye shall receive! Thanks for that, Unknown -- it all makes total sense :)

Anonymous said...

That was much ummmmm....sexier than it should have been.