Thursday, July 21, 2016

Good Morning, World

It's Josh Hartnett's 38th birthday today and we've pretty much exhausted all there is of him gratuitously speaking over the years (seriously, check our archives) so I figured I'd go back and look at old stuff and I don't think I've ever seen the above picture from Pearl Harbor? At least I don't recall having seen it. Unfortunately that's the best quality copy I could come up with after some digging, unless you count this one with his autograph scribbled across his torso:

It's bigger and crisper but that damned scribbling irritates me. Anyway Josh sure was purdy in this movie. This horrible, horrible movie. In summation -- god I miss Penny Dreadful already.


Bill Carter said...

He spends about a quarter of the movie "Lucky Number Sleven" wearing nothing but a towel. Very enjoyable film, btw.

squeezit said...

I much prefer him now - older; he looked amazing in Penny Dreadful and rocks that period drag to perfection.