Monday, July 11, 2016

Good Morning, World

Demolition is the first movie starring Jake Gyllenhaal that I didn't see in the movie theater since... Brothers, I guess? I've never actually seen Brothers, so I guess that counts. (His movie with David O. Russell on the other hand does not count because that never got a theatrical release, thereby robbing me of the pleasure.)

Anyway Demolition doesn't deserve this distinction because now that I've seen it I can say it's not that bad, on the one hand, and on the other, well, I really should've given myself the chance to see Jake shaving his pubic area on the big screen.

My bad. Anyway yeah I liked Demolition a lot more than I thought I was going to - yeah it's still a movie about a straight white man learning to live thanks to a dead woman, but it's also an ode to Jake making puppy-dog eyes. And one of those things trumps the other.

And every time you think you're getting a little bored WHAM Jake's taking a shower or laying around in his underwear. If only every movie knew enough to liven up the proceedings in such a manner. On that note, let's wake ourselves up this Monday by hitting the jump and staring at about fifty shots from this movie of Jake doing those things, and a few others...


das buut said...

With all the grooming, I've lost my old time Jakey religion. Not so much into him these days. The lack of Jake fur in his movies, and the lack of booty in Everest was just the catalyst, this just finished it off.

Those damn pap pics were glorious, and it's been a disappointment ever since.

Anonymous said...

"learning to live thanks to a dead..."

Which he did, after Heath died on him. Southpaw is getting back the custody of "Matilda" musical star. Demolition has many obvious parallels. Nocturnal Animals rounds out the trilogy of Atoning Widowers (tho Burn This, The Son are less romantic takes on Grief again.)

At least, he's "reborn" in Stronger.

(How are these not the typical "man pain" abhorred by feminist crix? Neither fish nor fowl - from the casting to acting choices. And the seemingly mundane and hackneyed are, in themselves, a luxury and unironic wish fulfillment.)

Anonymous said...

The plotline I hated most of all was the troubled gay kid who gets beat up. Seriously, how many more gay-person-as-victim stories do we need in pop culture?