Monday, July 18, 2016

Broadway in the Winter With Jake

If wandering the streets of lower Manhattan whispering Jake Gyllenhaal's name into the wind and hoping he appears in a poof of glitter like I did yesterday isn't your cup of tea, if you want a better shot, then this news is for you -- he's confirmed two more performances of Sunday in the Park With George at City Center in October! The first night sold out in minutes, so now there will be three shows total -- they're on sale for members already and they will go on sale for the rest of us bums on Wednesday.

But that's not all - there's a rumor going around that Jake will be doing Landford Wilson's 1987 play Burn This on Broadway in the Winter! I'm not familiar with the play but the plot seems to center on a group of friends coming together after the death of a gay couple from a boating accident. In the last iteration of the play in 2002 Peter Sarsgaard (aka Jake's bro-in-law) played a role, so I wonder that's how Jake knows about it. (pics via; thx Mac)

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Anonymous said...

Malkovich's company offered Demolition to Jake. And Malkovich originated the role of Pale - from the same cloth of men who can't articulate their grief.