Thursday, July 28, 2016

All The Radiohead You Can Handle

I am completely blown apart from yesterday, my Radiohead holiday -- exhausted and elated... you might say I am sort of hysterical and useless, which is appropriate given that the band played my favorite Radiohead song "Let Down" last night; they had played it the night before also at Madison Square Garden so I figured I'd missed out (they apparently haven't played the song live in a decade) so when they started it up, I just about burst. I burst! Here, watch!

They played so many of my favorites 
I mean just take a look at this playlist:

"Burn the Witch -- Daydreaming -- Decks Dark -- Desert Island Disk -- Ful Stop -- My Iron Lung -- Climbing Up the Walls -- Morning Mr. Magpie -- Pyramid Song -- Bloom -- Identikit -- The Numbers -- The Gloaming -- Weird Fishes/Arpeggi -- Everything in Its Right Place -- Idioteque -- There There -- Encore: Give Up the Ghost -- Let Down -- Present Tense -- Planet Telex -- Karma Police -- Encore 2: Reckoner -- Creep"

The songs that I bolded are songs that would be in my Favorite Songs of Ever playlist so that's a pretty fucking amazing percentage. (Although you know this being Radiohead the non-bolded ones are still better than anything else by anyone anywhere ever, so...)

Anyway I took a ton of videos and a ton of pictures -- the videos are already all up and you can see them all over here. I am working on sifting through all the many many photographs still (there are a couple on Instagram already though). Until then here, enjoy "Creep" (OH MY GOD THEY PLAYED CREEP)...

ETA I posted pics just now on the Tumblr, if you care!

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Sherri P. said...

So jealous. Will see them at ACL in October but on a festival length show.Still, any Radiohead is great Radiohead.Thanks for the videos of "Letdown" and "Creep." You saw some rare ones.