Thursday, June 30, 2016

Today's Fanboy Delusion

Today I'd rather be...

... playing Show & Teller.

Last March Miles Teller showed off some beefing-up pictures of himself, which he said were in preparation for a boxing movie he was doing - well now we know that the movie's called Bleed For This and a trailer (see below) and we've all got a whole lotta leopard-print thong and tighty-whities to go along with it. (thx Luc)

My feelings towards Mr. Teller veer wildly from moment to moment - he's such a douchebag, King of the Douchebags really, but, well, sometimes you need a little douchebag in your life. And this movie, leopard-print thong and all, is surely leaning into the douchebag... so maybe it'll work? We'll find out when it's out in November, I guess.


Lucksaw said...

Thanks for the shoutout, Jason! :)

I only watched the trailer to see how buff Miles was, and he totally sucker-punched me with that thong reveal. It was too much, and it's the only way to see his movie when it opens, just to check if's there's more of that leopard wonder lurking around :)

Scot said...

Remember That Awkward Moment? All 3 of those guys got buff. Miles Teller got buff and became a douche bag, Michael Jordan got buff and became a douche bag and Zac Efron got buff(er) and DIDN'T become a douche bag. Is growing up in front of a camera, starting out as a child actor and gaining experience (and one assumes humility)the thing that keeps a young actor from becoming a douche bag? Ron Howard, Joey Lawrence, Daniel Radcliff were the guys I was thinking about but then I remembered Shia LeBouf, Christian Bale and Danny Bonadouce.