Monday, June 20, 2016

Tick Tick Boomerang

I'm still pretty unfamiliar with half of the characters in Suicide Squad, and I'm keeping it that way until I see the movie - it's nice to be surprised sometimes! So this is my first time seeing what the "Boomerang" part of Captain Boomerang's name entails, and it makes sense! A bladed boomerang makes sense! Or at least that is it makes comic book sense. That's a category all its own.

Anyway I hope Jai really lets loose in this movie - he was so charming on Spartacus and he is so charming in interviews but that charm hasn't really translated to any of the great big blockbuster roles he's been handed yet. Oh I'm not saying they should stop putting him in front of me or anything! God forbid. Maybe he just needs to be 90% naked again like he was in Spartacus to feel comfortable? We are all okay with that, as well.


[ joe ] said...

Yea, Varro is, still today, my favorite character of his. Still cry when I think of him. But I'm very much looking forward to the menace Boomerang could bring.

Anonymous said...

They'll probably change it for the movie, but a big part of his comic book counterpart is being pretty racist, depending on which Captain Boomerang he's playing.