Thursday, June 02, 2016

The Beard That Saved The World

Any fans of the original Independence Day movie up in here? While I've made my partiality to Disaster Movies crystal clear many times over I've never been too keen on that movie - even though it blows up half the world I don't really even think of it in terms of "Disaster Movies." It's more just a great big action thing. You know what I mean. An action thing. Anyway I find myself getting suckered into the second one a little bit more with each ridiculous trailer even though it will surely be dumb as the dumbest dirt there is, but I think it will be my Dumb Movie Pass this Summer. Tis the season and all. And anyway it will have Liam Hemsworth in a flight-suit so it can't be all bad... right? Jeff Goldblum would never lie. (pics via)


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shaun said...

He looks so much like hot Jeff Bridges from the early 80s, which is always a good thing!