Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Rock Hard Granite

We're overdue a 21st Century version of Backdraft -- and by "a 21st Century version of Backdraft" I mean "a movie where fetishized hunky firefighters take long communal showers and have sex on top of their fire-engines, you know, the meaningful stuff" -- so today's news of the movie titled Granite Mountain is hitting me in the right spot. The film, directed by Tron's Joseph Kosinski, already had such stalwartly hunky names as Josh Brolin and Taylor Kitsch and James Badge Dale attached, but today it adds a pair of sweet-cheeked fresh-faces to its roster - seen above that's Alex Russell (once of Chronicle, more recently of "making out with Sullivan Stapleton" fame) and down below that's Ben Hardy (he was Angel in the new X-Men movie but more importantly he got sweaty on a pummel-horse for a photo-shoot). Shouldn't they be hiring people who puts fires out, not start them?

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