Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Quote of the Day

"For years I was so nervous about doing shirtless scenes. I was like, 'Why would I take my shirt off' in this scene or that scene. I'm always very nervous about doing it. Why would my character be taking their shirt off? I would be in abed with a woman and I'd be like, 'Give me a sweater.' These guys were surfers and I thought I know I'm going to have to do it."

... I had to finally do my first shirtless scene and I was going to commit to it. So we started doing the scene and the moment comes and I take it off and finish the scene and the director comes over and says, 'Great job. We're going to go again. Keep the shirt on this time.' It was the shame of putting the shirt back on and the one tear going down my cheek."

-- That's Scott Speedman on Colbert last night - watch the clip here - talking about his role on Animal Kingdom, which begins airing on June 14th. They seem to have realized their mistake and wised up after the fact though, because they sure do play up his shirtlessness in the show's trailers and now in that new promotional photo seen above. And a good thing, too!

Scott speaks the truth though - we here at MNPP have always cherished the moments, few and far too far between for someone of his hotness level, when Scott Speedman has allowed himself to drop the top. When I stumbled upon that scene of him in a speedo on Felicity it was my jaw doing the dropping - I never thought I'd see that! And then there was that long scene in little swim trunks in that movie Barney's Version, which we capped the ever loving hell out of. Anyway the point is - never let anybody discourage you from flashing your finer bits, Scott Speedman.


Anonymous said...

Scott is SOOOOOO long overdue for a nude scene. This show has GOT TO remedy that.

Scot said...

I can't imagine him not having confidence in his body. He's cute as hell, and I think he's a total stud. I would, you know, cuddle him so hard, like, 4 or 5 times a night!

dre said...

Crazy that someone so hot is so self conscience. I would normally add something like, "WAH, I hate taking off my shirt even though I have zero body fat WAH," but I'm letting go of the bitter this year.

It's so hard.