Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Good Morning, World

I hadn't seen David Fincher's film Fight Club in several years when I stumbled upon it on tv this past weekend so I watched about half of it (it's easy so easy to get caught up in it) and I realized that if you ever need someone to yell out five seconds before Brad Pitt's butt-crack makes one of its several appearances in Fight Club, I am your man. I should do riff-tracks.

Anyway we're not talking about Brad Pitt's butt-crack (for once) this morning, we're talking about Eion Bailey, who's turning 40 today! Happy birthday, Eion! Our crush on Eion established itself long after we'd seen Fight Club -- in fact thanks to the blog I have kept for 11 years now I can pin-point The Moment I Fell For Eion Bailey down to the millisecond!

The post in question is titled, "Pleased To Meet You, Eion Bailey" and it shows that I fell for him thanks to a still of him in the movie The Canyon. That movie wasn't very good, but it brought me Eion so it holds a special place if not in my heart then at least a place connected to my heart by blood vessels.

Anyway, this scene! How's about this scene? Shirtless Eion Bailey shaving his head and most importantly stopping there and keeping everything below the neck good n' furry. The first and second rules of Fight Club might be you don't talk about Fight Club but the third or fourth one is probably "something something hyper-manliness something." (God this movie is so, so, so gay.)

Anyway if you're unfamiliar with Eion click through our Eion tag, you certainly won't be by the time you scan through our seven years of gratuitous posts on the hairy boy from California. And since Eion also has a good shirtless fighting scene in this movie that I have never capped before hit the jump for all of that...

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