Monday, June 27, 2016

Good Morning, World

It's strange how much I've posted about Sam Claflin (who's turning 30 today) over the past five years given the fact that I haven't really ever even liked him in anything I've seen him in - I mean, he was woefully miscast as Finnick in The Hunger Games  films (I know I'm not in the majority on that, but it's true dammit). Anyway the crush probably remains because the first thing I saw a glimpse of him in was this here movie Any Human Heart, and better than anything else Mr. Claflin pulls off a kind of sneering posh Brit vibe - he really should be cast in those roles, not all the swashbucklers they keep giving him. He'd kill as the jerk in a Merchant Ivory movie.


Drew said...

"Mr. Claflin pulls off a kind of sneering posh Brit vibe - he really should be cast in those roles"

He uses that skill to full effect in Me Before You. I went to see it with really low expectations and was pleasantly surprised. It's funny and charming and although it does get weepy in the end, it's really not the sappy romance the previews would have you believe.

Anonymous said...

So who would you have cast instead in the Hunger Games films? Just curious, as I read those books so long ago. I know everyone on the Internet wanted Jesse Williams.

JA said...

My original thought when the casting began was Chris Hemsworth, but several other names like Armie Hammer and Hunter Parrish and Xavier Samuel and Garrett Hedlund all captured my attention - and yes, the second somebody online mentioned Jesse Williams I thought that was a GREAT idea. I don't know that any of these guys could've made the material they ended up giving Finnick work any better than Claflin did though - it's a bit of a catch-22 in hindsight because I can't decide if his miscasting made the role less interesting than it was in the books or if it's just what they gave him, possibly because he was something other than Finnick on the page. Oh well!

Scott said...

Yes - and fitting with your point, he was pitch perfect in The Riot Club.