Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Good Morning, World

I couldn't even remember if The Leftovers had been renewed for another year but here we have Justin Theroux posting shirtless pictures of himself on the set so, yup, I guess so. Personally I wasn't as enamored with the second season as a lot of critics seemed to be - I kinda felt like it went awfully far up its own arse - but there was still good stuff going on. Mostly the ladies, but I appreciated Justin's skin-willingness. And it appears that they're letting him have his beard next year, which is already going a long, long way to drawing me in. The third (and final) season of The Leftovers apparently begins airing on HBO this August -- are you excited?

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Unknown said...

Last season was so pointlessly random, they should just go ahead and live it up. Do everything in French with subtitles, or as a series of musical numbers. One episode animated for no apparent reason. Director commentary coming and going at random. The finale could be 23 minutes of black screen.