Monday, June 13, 2016

Good Morning, World

There are several hot dudes celebrating their birthday today - Chris Evans! Aaron Taylor Johnson! Ethan Embry! Paul Lynde! - but I decided to go with the IMDb's #1 Most Popular Person for the day because I noticed I'd never posted these gifs of him in his 2005 drama London before and they're a perfectly pleasant way to begin a new work week. Mr. America is turning 35 today -- lord knows he's doing just fine as King of the Marvels but do you guys think he can sort out a career in something other than spandex? I like him very much but he's made mostly very bad choices whenever he tries to be taken seriously. (There is probably also a problem with Serious Directors refusing to take such a big hunk of man seriously, too.) Discuss that in the comments and hit the jump for more...

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