Thursday, June 16, 2016

Good Morning Great Moments in Bookshelves #72

In the 2001 film Honolulu, the ultimate tragedy and the ultimate reward happen within seconds of each other. Well actually first there's reward, then there's tragedy, then finally then reward once again. See, first there's sex with Daniel Brühl - reward! But while having sex he knocks over a set of bookshelves! Tragedy! But then while picking through the rubble of the turned-over shelves we get to see Daniel Brühl Jr. and thoughts of bookshelves, thoughts of anything, go right out the window. 

But before we get to Daniel Brühl Jr. - and he's coming, oh is he coming - let's wish the actor a happy 38th birthday today. I thought he did a pretty good job with an underwritten role in the last Captain America -- what about you? I mean they should have used him better but he didn't embarrass himself. Anyway that's that - after the jump there's a few more caps from Honolulu (hello Junior!) and then a couple random butt shots from a couple other random movies because we're here and I have them and it's a super cute butt so why not...


crou said...

Ahhhhh where did you find a copy of Honolulu? I've been trying to track it down to watch it forever, but it doesn't look like it's ever been released on DVD or anything?

(Loving the caps by the way too)

JA said...

I only found the scene where he's naked, crou -- I never found the entire movie. You can download this one scene here though

crou said...

Aaaah I'd heard that one scene was floating around the internet but hadn't managed to track it down - definitely better than nothing, thanks!