Thursday, May 12, 2016

Pretty Criminal

Let's all be glad that Nikolaj Coster-Waldau is putting Gods of Egypt and all the controversy slash costuming horrors of that experience behind him - he's on to greener pastures! He's just signed on to star in the black comedy Small Crimes, the new film from EL Katz, the director of Cheap Thrills, a film I mostly liked when I saw it but have found in the time since the movie comes up in conversation ALL the time, so it's definitely due for a second viewing. 

Small Crimes is described as being about "a disgraced former cop who — fresh off a six-year prison sentence for attempted murder — returns home looking for redemption but winds up trapped in the mess he left behind," which is not the most original sounding premise but then again neither was 2001 on paper, ya know? (Okay this movie will not be 2001.)

Aaanyway this is actually based on a book from 2008 which I am just gonna assume none of you have read, but feel free to correct me if that's making an ass out of me. The film will shoot this Summer and come out next year, so to tide you over until then hit the jump to stare at seven more pictures of Nicky in Esquire...

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