Monday, May 16, 2016

Matthias Schoenaerts Eight Times

Our boy Matthias is modeling some Summer Suits for GQ this month (thanks to Anonymous for the heads-up) -- looking sharp, Schoenaerts. Looking sharp. But so much running about! You're gonna rip right outta these suits like the Hulk. (Please do.)

I think I might have to try to make time to see A Bigger Splash one more time on a big screen before it vanishes; it's three whole months until a new movie starring Matthias is out (the terrific thriller Maryland, which I reviewed here) and that's just too, too long not to stare at this big man in proper big, movie-screen-sized form.  Go ahead and hit the jump for the rest of the pictures...

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Daniel said...

I will say this about A Bigger Splash: I was a bit disappointed in it, but any film which all but opens with a shot of Matthias Schoenaerts's bare ass is alright with me.