Monday, May 23, 2016

Just Call Him 2-an McGregor

Over the weekend the news broke that Ewan will be the star of the third season of Fargo, picking up where Patrick Wilson and Kirsten Dunst left off after the show's glorious second go-around -- actually he'll be picking up much later since the third season is apparently set in the present, or at least very close to the present day. But on top of that Ewan's playing twins! If you want to know specifics about the characters head over to Deadline, they got 'em. All I know is we can probably be pretty sure I'll be doing a "Which is hotter?" post once we get a look at the two of them, that much is certain. 

Anyway part of me hopes that Molly Solverson can show up on the show again since the timeline would make it possible and I adore Allison Tolman's performance in the role so much, but then... then I think that anybody showing up on this show too much is really pushing their luck, luck-wise, and maybe we'd better off leaving her living happily-ish ever after.

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