Tuesday, May 03, 2016

I Want You, Mary Astor

Today is the 110th anniversary of the actress Mary Astor's birth -- you might know her from films like The Maltese Falcon or Hush Hus Sweet Charlotte or anything in between; lady was in the business for 40 years, give or take, so she made some things! 

Thing is she knew some stories and she knew how to tell them and I have been salivating over my desire for a copy of her 1972 book A Life on Film for so so long it's driving me mad with lust. I want it! I just haven't been able to justify paying for it - it's been out of print forever and copies run about 40 bucks a pop and I keep praying I'll stumble upon a copy on the shelves of a thrift store somewhere.To no avail, so far.

Have any of you read it? I've seen it named one of the great books on film many places - she's apparently a terrific writer. Tell me whether to spend the money or not! Or a bunch of you guys go buy it through this link at Amazon and earn me the money, through your clicks, to buy it myself. That works too. As long as we're talking Mary Astor though, what are your favorite films of hers? She worked an insane amount and was in so many lovely films through the 30s and 40s that's like shooting beautiful fish in a barrel, I know.


Anonymous said...

My friend, did you ever hear of the library? I live in Boston so I just went to the library website and they did have Mary's book. And it's free to take out!! Just return it on time, dear.

Jason Adams said...

LOL I suppose, Anon ;) You and your crazy LOGIC

Bill Carter said...

The Maltese Falcon is my favourite movie of the 20th century. Seen in well over 100 times, on TV, on video tape, on DVDs, in theaters, online, etc.