Monday, May 09, 2016

Good Morning, World

Actually more of a "bad" morning this morning -- I'm kind of sick, y'all. Not even "kind of" -- I went to the doctor and I am legitimately, not just self-diagnosed, sick - I have a throat infection and everything. Granted a throat infection doesn't impede my ability to type, but my energy levels are bottom basement - it might be on the quiet side today is all I am saying. But we'll see once my prescription kicks in what happens!


Nickelodeon said...

Even a sexy fag-hating fag is still a fag-hating fag. There is nothing attractive about a man who hates himself as thoroughly as Russel No-Fats-No-Fems Tovey.

Anonymous said...

Just remember dicks that dangle in public toilets can have nasty bugs on them. Always wash yer man cock good before you gorf it.