Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Good Morning, World

Welcome back from that little four-day vacation that wasn't, everyone -- here let us get back into the grind of things with Colin Farrell in Tigerland, shall we? It's Colin's 40th birthday today, and he's looking as good as ever and also coming off of one of his greatest successes - not only is The Lobster the best movie of the year so far says me, it's doing dynamite business as far as very weird little art-house movies go. Congrats, Colin! We couldn't be happier that you're working with director Yorgos Lanthimos a second time. Anyway if you want to look back to the moment we fell for Colin, look no further than all the pictures of him in Tigerland that we have posted in the past - they are many.

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Anonymous said...

Here are some screenshots of Colin in his underwear from The Lobster