Thursday, May 12, 2016

Getting A High Rise Out Of Me

Apologies for the quietude the past hour or so, folks - I have been here but not here, trapped on Mondo's website refreshing the page in order to score myself one of those beauties seen above, the Jay Shaw designed poster for Ben Wheatley's film High-Rise, which I have admired since unveiled way back in February of 2014 when the film itself was first announced as a thing. The poster came first, I came next over the poster, and then the film came third way way later. 

Anyway I didn't think we'd actually get any proper releases of the design so imagine my enthusiasm - go ahead, imagine it! - and my terror when Mondo announced they were dropping 100 scant copies online today. I mean yes my reaction to the film itself was a bit mixed (I still need to give it a second viewing though) but my reaction to the promotional materials was anything but. That poster is gonna look so goddamned pretty hanging on my wall, you guys.

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