Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Do Dump or Marry: May the 4th Bewitch You

As usual it's kind of difficult to find pictures of multiple male actors being allowed to stand beside each other without the lone girl (yes it's always a lone girl) being forced to run around in between them, deflecting the gay away -- so whoever let John Boyega, Oscar Isaac & Adam Driver sit there like that on that couch clearly got fired. (Has anyone seen Daisy Ridley lately?) 

Anyway happy May the 4th, people! I looked through my archives and discovered that when the new Star Wars came out I somehow never asked you guys to "Do Dump or Marry" the Next Generation fellas, so here we be. Tell me in the comments which of these guys you'd rub Wookies with, which you'd ship off onto a long mission to Alderaan, and which you'd digest in your heart for a thousand years like the Sarlaac of Love?


The Bloody Munchkin said...

Do Isaac
Dump Driver cause he just ain't my bag, no matter how hard he tries
Marry Boyega for the goofy smile alone.

JB said...

Literally Sophie's choice. I can't even.

Anonymous said...

Do Oscar Isaac then marry Oscar Isaac then dump Oscar Isaac and then raise our child alone.


sowhatelse said...

I think Boyega is really young, which is not my thing, so I can't go there.

Do Driver just to see if the rumors are true.

Marry Isaac if he goes back to his bearded sexy nerd look from Ex Machina.

Jay said...

Do Boyega, Dump Driver and Marry Isaac.

Jon said...

Do Driver, Dump Boyega (too young, though I really like him a lot), Marry Isaac because very obvious reasons.

Ryan T. said...

Dump Boyega mostly because I think he's just TOO adorable. I probably wouldn't stop smiling/laughing when I'm with him.

Do Driver, because well reasons.

Marry Isaac, because HE IS MINE.

Anonymous said...

Do Boyega (adorable)

Marry Isaac (so I could keep doing Isaac forever)

Kill Driver (does not do it for me)

Anonymous said...

eww none