Tuesday, May 17, 2016

A Tale of Two Actresses

Leave it to me to illustrate this story with the cute boy involved (hi Jason Ritter) even if it was the names of the actress-faves involved that grabbed my initial attention -- if I was to make a list of my ten favorite actresses of all time, one-fifth of said list would be the stars of a new movie! Laura Dern and Ellen Burstyn are making a movie together! Egads and wow! Wow and Egads and wow!

The film is called The Tale and it's as far as I can tell the fiction feature debut of Jennifer Fox (she's done documentary work previously) and it will also co-star Mr. Ritter (adorably depicted above) and Elizabeth Debicki (who's quickly becoming one of my fave actresses as well). According to THR the film...

"...centers on Jennifer (Dern), a successful, globetrotting journalist whose mother (Burstyn) finds a story she wrote at age 13 describing a sexual triangle with two adult coaches. Jennifer sets out to find the coaches, now 40 years later, but as she delves deeper into her own mystery, the voice of her 13-year-old "Jenny" (played by Isabelle Nelisse) begins to surface and tell her side of the story. What Jenny reveals shatters everything Jennifer thought she knew about herself."

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