Sunday, April 17, 2016

Who's Talking Head

Howdy, folks! I know you're all like, "It's Sunday night, what the heckfire is Jason doing here; he usually spends his weekends lazing about swaddled in Coco Chanel on a veranda, or so I have heard," but those are just vile rumors! Vile! Ahem. 

Okay a couple of things that just couldn't wait for me to get off the veranda (thank goodness the reception out here's good) -- my review of the documentary Contemporary Color, which documents (see what I did there?) the Brooklyn concerts that David Byrne put on with the aid of Color Guarders, is up over at The Film Experience, go read it! There's bonus video of actual Color Guarders in the flesh and everything!

Numero zwei - with Tribeca going strong I'm in and out of screenings all week, so things will be really very erratic here. Reviews will be going up over at TFE and I will link to them from here, but otherwise... well, we'll see how it goes. So stay tuned, and stuff.

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