Friday, April 01, 2016

Time To Get a Rise Out of Tom Hiddleston

I hope that this, tonight's "bye for now" post, does a better job of getting across "bye for now" than last night's did, which tricked several of you into thinking Richard Gere had croaked, about which I feel just terrible. Richard Gere is fine; he sends his love! 

Anyway the weekend is here and I just want to wish you all a good one - Bye for now! What are you planning on seeing, if anything? Tell me! I am in the middle of press screenings for the Tribeca Film Festival, and so I'll be seeing somewhere between five and thirty-three movies this weekend, or somewhere thereabouts.

Most importantly -- I will be seeing High-Rise this weekend!!! FINALLY. (I'm also reading Ballard's  book and I do hope I finish it first.) I won't be able to review the film until the festival's under way, but I can't imagine I won't give a wink wink and/or a nudge nudge on Twitter. After all this build-up, I mean, I can scarcely be expected to hold my tongue. (Do you hear me, Tom Hiddleston? Maybe you can hold my tongue for me?)

By the way I found the above gif on Tumblr but I can't find the video it's from -- we have of course dissected this moment in a couple of previous trailers, see here and then see here, but this shot's not in either of those. So if anyone has the source, cough it up!


Gabe said...

I read somewhere that he recently appeared on a news show as a weatherman and reported on the weather as Loki! Could be an April Fools stunt, but there should be a video if legit.

George G said...

It's on YouTube, that vid. It made the rounds on Facebook. There's a link on Fleshbot, of all places.